Due to the Corona virus, and a suddenly enforced lockdown, we had to close the store temporarily.
After further consultation however, we have decided to continue taking orders, and wait until we are able to ship them out. 
This way, we can prepare our stock levels and prevent a reopening panic-buy, as raw materials may become a problem as a result of the crisis.

At this point, shipping operations are expected/hopeful to restart on the 16th April 2020, 
but we remain at the mercy of emergency regulations, and there is a chance of further extensions. 
Not only that, different countries will have different postal restrictions in place, and there will be a lot of individual variation per destination:

Should you decide to place an order now, please bear the above conditions in mind, and realize that we have no control over 'when' shipping will restart: 

  • We would prefer not to cancel/refund any orders between now and shipping them out, so please consider that in earnest before ordering. 
  • Should a refund absolutely need to be processed, the currency rate may have fluctuated, and we will have to refund at that new current exchange rate.
  • Refunds will not be considered for non-delivery after a parcel has shipped, until 3 months after shipping, as we cannot service a situation where we have to refund multiple parcels that are stuck in the system due to Corona implications (....given enough time, they shall all arrive).

Please do not place an order if you are unable to accept the above conditions, and wait for the shipping channels to re-open.

Previously placed orders up to and including order 36613 were shipped out, 
whilst orders 33614 to 33625 were cancelled and refunded.
Shipping times for orders already shipped, are likely to be slower, due to fewer airlines and reduced cargo space, and may be held up in such processes for long periods of time.
We ask for your patience and understanding during these trying times.

Any further updates will be posted here.
We thank you for many years of support and wish you all strength and health,
Living Supplements



Our supplements are intended for use with Andy Cutler's Protocol.

They are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility to the highest standard of purity, using only the highest quality ingredients.

Prices are not fixed in $US, and thus fluctuate according to global exchange rates on a daily basis.







Our chelation supplements are intended for use with Dr. Andy Cutler's Oral Chelation Protocol, and are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility to the highest standard of purity.