After a lengthy delay, we managed to restart shipping today, the 7th May 2020.

But, due to more stringent shipping processes from the impact of Corona, our parcels are likely to take longer to reach their destinations.

We anticipate possibly lengthy delays, over and above normal shipping times, 
but that depends on each destination unique country's shipping regulations, which are in a constant state of flux

i.e. it may well be slower or faster depending on your country.
Since we are at the mercy of emergency regulations, there is a chance of further delays/changes beyond our control.

Shipping times are thus likely to be slower, due to fewer airlines and reduced cargo space, and parcels may be held up in such processes for long periods of time.

Have no concern, your parcel will arrive, albeit somewhat slower perhaps,
and although we can't guarantee 'when', we can guarantee that we won't leave you out of pocket.

Please do bear with us, and please drop us a line when your parcel arrives, so that we can better gauge transit times.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these trying times.

And, we wish you and your loved ones health in this difficult time, and thank you for your support during it all :-)

In health,

Living Supplements



Due to the Corona virus, and a suddenly enforced lockdown, we had to close the store temporarily.

After further consultation however, we decided to continue taking orders, and wait until we were able to ship them out, such that we could prepare our stock levels and prevent a reopening panic-buy, as raw materials may become a problem as a result of the crisis.

Those that placed order during the this time, from the 23rd March until the 7th May, decided to do so with the following conditions in mind: 

  • We would prefer not to cancel/refund any orders between now and shipping them out, so please consider that in earnest before ordering. 

  • Should a refund absolutely need to be processed, the currency rate may have fluctuated, and we will have to refund at that new current exchange rate.

  • Refunds will not be considered for non-delivery after a parcel has shipped, until 3 months after shipping, as we cannot service a situation where we have to refund multiple parcels that are stuck in the system due to Corona implications (....given enough time, they shall all arrive).

  • Previously placed orders up to and including order 36613 were shipped out, whilst orders 36614 to 36625 were cancelled and refunded.

We thank you for many years of support and wish you all strength and health,
Living Supplements

Our supplements are intended for use with Andy Cutler's Protocol.

They are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility to the highest standard of purity, using only the highest quality ingredients.

Prices are not fixed in $US, and thus fluctuate according to global exchange rates on a daily basis.