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CORONA UPDATE  - 13 July 2020

Due to the tremendous impact of Corona 
- such as social distancing at work, reduced cargo space from fewer flights, and more stringent shipping processes in general, parcels are taking much longer to reach their destinations, and tracking numbers are unreasonably delayed in provision.

We are experiencing sometimes lengthy delays, over and above normal shipping times, 
and random 
occurrences, i.e. some parcels may be held up in such processes for long periods of time,
meaning that some later shipments may arrive earlier.
Delays also depend on each destination country's unique shipping regulations, which are in a constant state of flux.

Shipments sent on the following specific days are subject to additional exhaustive delays totally beyond our control: 

  • 25 May, 29 May & 1 June 2020 - held up due to an additional unexpected delay in customs, along with an apparent misroute, and subsequent EU bottle-neck. Expected date is now the middle of August (Tracking number provision for Registered mail is also unfortunately delayed).
  • 22 May - expected date is first part of July.
  • 3 & 5 June 2020 - held up due to an additional unexpected delay in customs, along with an apparent misroute, and subsequent EU bottle-neck. Expected date is now the end of July/beginning of August (Tracking number provision for Registered mail is also unfortunately delayed).
  • 8th June 2020 and after - these shipments are moving faster again with fewer delays, and have started to arrive in EU countries at the 5-week mark (USA expected around the 6 week mark). Tracking number delays however, and parcles may even arrive before we have the tracking numbers.

Major delays in these countries:

  • India: All shipments from February onwards delayed at bottle-neck at Indian ports. Shipping to India stopped until the backlog is cleared.
  • Australia: All shipments delayed, but moving again - March shipments taking 8-12 weeks, May and onwards, taking 6-8 weeks

In general, shipments are starting to flow better to other major countries:

  • USA 6 weeks
  • Canada 6-8 weeks
  • Australia 6-8 weeks
  • UK 4 weeks
  • EU 5 weeks

Usually we would reship your parcel after 6 weeks,  but we are under an enormous amount of financial pressure,
due to the widespread nature of this issue, in terms of shipping replacements/refunds.

We are simply unable to service all the refund requests unfortunately,
kindly ask if you could wait somewhat longer, and as the backlog is cleared, your parcel will turn up.
We will always replace or reship your parcel in the end, and promise not to leave you out of pocket.

Please do bear with us, as we are working tirelessly, with our courier to make the shipping of your orders as smooth as possible. We do know how important it is for you to continue your chelation journey.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these trying times,
and please drop us a line when your parcel arrives, so that we can better gauge transit times.

We wish you and your loved ones health in this difficult time, and thank you again for all your support :-)

In health,
Living Supplements


We will endevour to answer you email within 48 hours, please check your Spam folder if it extends beyond this time. For all shipping related queries, please see our Shipping & Returns page. We will only be able to send you tracking numbers 2 weeks after shipping your order, once it has been re-mailed in the EU.


Credit Card transactions are usually blocked/declined by the issuing bank, and we are unable to lift such a block. 

If your credit card payment was declined, please consider the following before emailing us:

  • First, contact your bank and inform them about an overseas purchase in South Africa (US-customers especially, as US-banks usually block overseas transactions by default)Request that your bank unblock your card to the highest level of security code (or it may still be declined).
    • Then please try the transaction again, as a failed transaction cannot be authorized retrospectively. For security reasons, we don't store credit card numbers, and so we cannot retry it on your behalf.
    • Ensure that you are still logged into the store by refreshing your browser, as you may have been logged out automatically whilst calling the bank.
    • Your bank should have registered you for VERIFIED BY VISA & MASTERCARD SECURECODE by default. The transaction will not succeed if not registered, except for AMEX and Diners Club. i.e. Check your emails/sms for messages from the bank, in order to possibly approve the transaction e.g. Citibank, Chase etc.
  • Second, try an alternate browser (FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer)
    •  especially, if a window comes up saying, "Your transaction cannot be processed at this time."
  • Third, if you have an AMEX/Diner's Club card, please use that, as they do not need to go through the 3D-Secure process (also try another VISA or MC if you have one).


  • Finally, if none of the above work please contact us, as we can attempt to process the order manually for you, but only if you have called your bank to clear it first
    • We shall reply to your email with instructions on how to send your details. Please do not send us any card numbers via email.

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