The global shortage of the DMPS raw material, has finally started to slowly ease, 
not quick enough, as you will all agree.

Our DMPS has finally entered the synthesis queue at the lab.
Synthesis is now expected to complete by the 20th July.
Thereafter, we are expecting it to move into manufacturing around the 25th July

for completion within 2-3 weeks after that (15th August latest at this stage).

We will continue to update this online store, 
with further details regarding time-frames as soon as they become available,
as we have become unable to deal with all the email queries regarding it.

Thank you once again for your patience and support during this very trying time for us all,
especially with the shifting time-frames, which were beyond our control.


Please add your name to the 'back in stock' alert below,
for an immediate alert when we upload the DMPS online.