Shipments are flowing well again, with occcasional disruptions due to cargo space limitations, and most destinations can expect delivery within 4-6 weeks. Please only contact us if you have not received your parcel after 8 weeks. 


  • UK : 3 weeks - UK VAT charges - we have recently been inform that VAT will now need to paid in the UK. The prior threshold of 22GBP for shipments into the UK has now fallen away. We are unsure if this is being enforced however.

  • REST OF WORLD : 4-6 weeks, depending on the country.

  • EU SHIPPING STOPPED : We regret to inform you, that following BREXIT, EU customs have begun to block and return parcels on levels that make it impossible to continue shipping as we have before. Sadly, we have thus had to stop shipping to the EU countries.

    The good news however, is that our EU distributor Mandimart has recently set up an EU store located at:, which ships products from within the EU (Netherlands), preventing these customs checks.

    This means faster shipping times and excludes additional customs & duties charges from being applied to your orders on collection - getting the products to you within a week or two, depending on your chosen method of shipping.

    BREXIT has unfortunately forced these changes upon us, and we trust that you understand. 

    Luckily however, Mandimart can continue to supply the same quality products, and at the same time prevent international shipping delays and extra customs & duties charges.



Our supplements are intended for use with Andy Cutler's ProtocolThey are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility to the highest standard of purity, using only the highest quality ingredients. Prices are not fixed in $US, and thus fluctuate according to global exchange rates on a daily basis.




Our chelation supplements are intended for use with Dr. Andy Cutler's Oral Chelation Protocol, and are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility to the highest standard of purity.